Ahoy. Hallöschen. Moin moin. Servus.

digitalbynature is an independent German digital agency based in the up-and-coming metropolis Heppendorf. With love, passion, a keen sense for design and esthetics, and deep knowledge of technologies and future developments, we support brands and companies by creating cutting edge digital experiences and solutions.

What we do. All day. And sometimes at night.

We create these überawesome multi-cross-omni-chanel search engine optimized accessible fully mobile and responsive internet-dingens with emotional storytelling e-commerce integrations and viral social media marketing and dialog communication campaign things everybody talks about. And, of course, we do something with media, too.

No kidding! We really do all of this. And we're damn good.

How we do it. Oh. My. God.

We collaborate with a bunch of cool and experienced people with a diverse set of backgrounds who do their jobs with passion and love. Working in a holistic, agile, concentrated, and flexible fashion, we rock überawesome digital stuff without time wasting or expensive administrative overhead and nostalgic planning bullshit. We just get things done. Immediately.

That's it. Simple. Isn't it?

What we did so far. Facts and fictions.

Being in business for about twenty year makes us two things: extremely experienced and knowledgeable. And some of us even gray-haired. Well, that's true. See some facts and figures.

Ideas and strokes of genius Always one more
Lines of code and counting...
Hours of consulting and experience and making coffee
Satisfied clients and clients of clients
Awesome projects never in doubt... except maybe once
Days without going mad but always at the cutting edge

Our Clients.Only an abstract. A short one. Rather short.

We have rocked hundreds of überawesome projects for even more überawesome clients and clients of clients. With respect to our commitments of confidentiality, we present only an excerpt of those who are proud of being advised, supported and cosseted by us.

DEM Digital Energy Management
Warner Bros.
Deutsche Telekom AG
Volkswagen AG
S Institut für Marketing und Kundenbindung GmbH
eis konzept AG
DZ Bank AG
Steuerbüro Mollier und Partner
Skoda Deutschland GmbH
eco - Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V.
Busch-Jaeger GmbH
SME Management GmbH
NetMarket PMS GmbH

We are looking for you. And for freedom.

We are always open, looking for creative people with mind-blowing ideas that inspire and touch, higeeks extending the limits of the present to the beginning of the future, sheet rockers petting clients and pushing mates to the best and, last but not least, baristas keeping all of us alive. Give us a call and have a short interview or send us your unique application. Don't be shy, don't be afraid. Be cool. Let's talk.

Got you?
Join us!

We could have written about a job opportunity, but well... let's talk instead. Give us a call, let's fix a date and see what and where that leads to.

From Heppendorf with .

Although we are digital by nature, we love the traditional analog way of communicating and meeting up with people. So come on over, a super hot latte and some fine cookies are waiting for you. On Fridays we even have some cold beer (but remember to always drink responsively).

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digitalbynature GmbH
VAT Identification Number: DE308023033
Commercial register entry: Local court of Cologne, HRB 88699
Seat of the company: Magdeburger Straße 28, 50126 Bergheim
Managing Partner: Markus Vetten

Reponsible for all contents

Markus Vetten