From scratch to brand. Or humbly, the foundation of leading the digital pioneers in energy industry.

DEM® – From an idea to a brand // A case by digitalbynature®

Start it.

It started with the recognition of a need in the energy industry. From the idea now rocketed to a company, DEM and digitalbynature are collaborating since the first second. Starting with the brand name and logo design throughout the process of trademark registration up to creating the corporate design, digitalbynature is as the lead agency close-knit to DEM’s strategy and image.

Name it.

Creating a name that explains the core of the company's interests, that can be shortened to an acronym which is easily to pronounce and is ready to be registered as a trademark was the brief.

Some things need time. But not in this case. The industry itself provided the basic idea. Hello DEM or Digital Energy Management. That's it. Supported by KBM Legal in the process of trademark registration, the trademark could be registered easily.

Concept it.

Crashing into a conservative industry of colorful companies calls for a tight but neutral image. digitalbynature created a clear and proud logo in an unallocated color-set that visualizes the main business of the company.

The logo itself is showing the companies shortened name which became the leading name through the process of trademark registration. It's approach is to look like a schematic diagram, being proud and powerful.

Show it.

Being on the edge because of the forthcoming public premiere of DEM at E-world 2019 in Essen, digitalbynature naturally supported also DEM’s fair appearance. In a close collaboration with the booth builder Schnaitt, digitalbynature created a glaring and amazing booth, presenting the new born companies image and corporate identity.

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